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A new Video app or platform is calling: Help us test this new video Sharing app on Android. Download VikaVibes From Play Store

The latest beta release of Vika Vibes includes amazing video content. Play and may your playlists and share videos, movies, webseries. Online courses and more with your friends and family. At the moment its available on Android devices only. In near future you will see see it on iOS, WEB and on larger screen; hear the content through the big speakers. Now please download and help us test this amazing app.

Beta users get an early chance to evaluate quality and performance while we continue to improve the interface and work on upcoming features.

Calling all beta testers

This release is one of the first steps towards our goal of enabling you to access and share best quality videos tat are available on internet. In addition to all this it will be free for everyone to use. Your feedback is important to us.


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